Leveraging our analytical experience, we:

                          • Identi?ed factors and metrics that in?uenced territory optimization, market potential, and performance of sales reps
                          • We then designed an intuitive framework to enable realignment decisions from the customers’ perspective
                          • The next step involved the creation of a recommendation engine that could identify characteristics of pro?table territories and, based on both historical data and business knowledge, determine changes that would further optimize territories

                          KEY BENEFITS

                          • The solution provided better visibility into district and territory performance based on advanced analytical/ recommendation engine
                          • It enabled ‘what-if’ analysis and better decision making on territory realignment
                          • Allowed real-time KPIs to monitor and optimize deployed territory plan
                          • Integrated the mapping solution with the platform, combined with role-based visibility / controls


                          The client’s sales leadership was able to make informed and effective realignment decisions, resulting in:

                          • Increased average market share across sales reps, garnering higher rep satisfaction
                          • Reduced turnaround time for decision making, leading to more sale time for the district leadership team
                          • Reduction in cost by 60%, with the replacement of their legacy tool with our solution